"Les Paysages de la collection"

Constant, New Babylon, 1963

with Saba Innab

The Permanent Temporariness: The Radical, the Utopian and the Poetic.

De-territorialization and alienation were aggravated by the rationality of modernity and its different forms of architecture, causing an unbridgeable gap between dwelling and architecture, where the poetic dwelling is what is left.

Departing from the existential impossibility of dwelling many tried to rethink "building", some in a romantic and some in a humanistic way. Still others in complete opposition, critical and extreme, believed that architecture should subvert all systems and rethink form and purpose of building. Another level of de-territorialization appears when we live in temporariness, in refuge, in exile. Being landless. We realize that in the absence of this land, the land of "Palestine", even the poetic dwelling is lost. How do we build without a land? How do we build temporariness when it is mutating constantly into permanence?

A juxtaposition between the question “How to Build without a land” and the radical work of Constant on New Babylon- with its completely different point of departure- opens a necessary discussion on the role of architecture in our current time.

Saba Innab

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